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Experiencing Inner Peace

~How changing your perception and choosing equanimity can lead to inner peace.~


I was on my morning walk and mentally working through something challenging going on in my life. My mind wanted to go to labelling and evaluating my experience as "bad". But my heart remembered the concept of equanimity. So I began to challenge my thoughts by asking myself to come up with a situation that could truly be labelled "bad".

So I sat down by the lotus blossom pond and began to write.

I want to share my thought process/thought experiment of how I arrived at equanimity and experienced peace around my situation. It is my hope that this share will give insight on how to experience inner peace.


it's raining

cold sharp drops

i'm cold


my clothes are soaked through

my glasses are fogged and shattered

it's dark

i am lost

everything's closed

my phone is dead

i have no way to call anyone

everyone's asleep

my brain is tired

i cant really think

all i can do is sit here

on the ground

i cant pretend i'm not here

i cant pretend this isn't real

or that i'm not really experiencing it

it is real

i am experiencing it


meditation Raleigh NC

but who is the i?

and what is my perception of the experience?


in one perception

it is nightmare

it is hell

all my pain is being bumped against

i feel alone






uncomfortable physically and emotionally


because my mind is telling me

somehow i deserve this

this is what i should expect from life

because i've been in this kind of misery before.

it is repeating.


Mindfulness Retreat Raleigh

in another perception

it simply is

nothing in me is being bumped

because i am a clear hollow bone

i am one with the rain

i am one with the cold

i have no expectations

i see with a sight beyond my glasses

i am form and formlessness at once and both feel and do not feel the wet clothes against my skin

i can move easily between a state

of wet

of dry

my eyes adjust to the darkness

my home is in darkness

i know lost is a temporary feeling

which is never an absolute truth

i will not remain lost

i am not truly lost

i am here and now

in space and time

and beyond space and time

i am temporarily alone in that i cannot speak to a person at this moment but that will pass

as time passes

and time is illusory anyway

and whose to say if i truly need to

i cannot speak to myriad beings across time and space

who are all by my side at this exact moment

at all moments

and me choosing to be still

at this moment

what a gift

to myself

to my soul

to sit

to breathe

to experience

to live

to soak in

soak up



reflection of beauty

a soul truly living


in the puddle on the ground

shining through the cosmos.


this is equanimity.

this is seeing beyond sight.

this is breaking free of perceptions

and programming.

this is freedom.


It's not about pretending. It's about changing your perception. It's about opening yourself up to equanimity.

And finding that you are truly living when you free your mind of judgment, evaluation, labelling, and the good/bad dichotomous dualistic mentality.

Be Free.


Here is some guidance for your journey this week...

Intention: To experience inner peace.

Reflection: I invite you to take some time this week to reflect on the following. Ask yourself...

  • What in my life am I currently labelling "bad"?

  • When I label, evaluate, or judge my current experiences as "bad" do I experience more or less peace? 

  • In what ways does my past, including memories, beliefs about myself, my life, others-- impact whether I label, evaluate, or judge my current experience, my self, or my choices - as "bad"?

  • Which of my beliefs, thoughts, perceptions am I willing to challenge to experience more inner peace? 

  • Am I willing to let myself perceive my experience differently than I have so far? 

  • In what ways am I willing to let myself perceive my experience differently? 

  • How can I perceive my experience differently? 

  • How will I view my experience with equanimity? 

Practice: For this week, 

  • Notice how you label, evaluate, judge yourself, your situation, your challenge, your experience, and others. 

  • Practice releasing the mental habit of labelling, evaluating, judging. 

  • Practice inviting a new perspective and perception of the situation. 

  • Whenever the need to label something or some situation "bad" arises, practice equanimity. 

Resolve: I know there are multiple ways to look at this situation. I am mentally free from rigid thoughts and beliefs. I fluidly move between perceptions and perspectives. I resolve to see my experiences from all perspectives. I am equanimous. I am peaceful.


How will you challenge your thoughts today and step into a space of equanimity?


Has this article helped you in some way? Do you have anything you'd like to share? I’d love to hear below.

Executive Coach Rebecca Cooley

Dear Wonderful Person,

I hope this message helps support you on your path of personal liberation, connection, and peace-filled compassion. Need more guidance on this topic or looking for a coach to partner with you on this part of your journey? Check out my private coaching programs.

Be Free.

Wishing you much peace and joy,


Executive Coaching Rebecca Cooley
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