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Rebecca has worked with individuals, small business owners, and executives from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. She was named one of the Top Coaches in Raleigh. Her services have been sought out by a wide range of clients, spanning a variety of industries including:


  • Executives   

  • Managers

  • Political consultants    

  • Government personnel    

  • CEO's    ​

  • Coaches  

  • IT consultants  

  • Community leaders​    

  • Non-government Organizational Leaders

  • Trainers

  • Worksite wellness coordinators   

  • Psychologists    

  • Translators 

  • Attorneys

  • Sales Representatives

  • Marketing Directors

  • Vice Presidents

  • Health Care Professionals

  • Health Care Directors

  • Professors

  • Business strategists    

  • Engineers

  • Bankers

  • Business owners    


"It is amazing how much kindness and encouragement you give to everyone."


"Goes beyond interview and goes into everyday life. You learn about what causes the nervousness in order to resolve it and to showcase that confident person. The program helps by looking at other aspects of myself that way I can portray the best of me in the interview. Depending on what the areas are, Rebecca offers a holistic approach to interview coaching, there are tips to prepare for the interview but also there is looking within yourself. You may not think you need it but I did need it."


"Prior to the program.. I was afraid of not being accepted and networking and showing my authentic self for fear of rejection or how I would be perceived by different audiences based on how I was treated or mistreated in the past. I allowed other people to define me, my voice, my presence, and what I meant to say. I honored them and showed up for them more than I showed up for myself. During the program, the changes I made … Refocusing on myself. Giving a space for me, my voice. Trusting myself more and my voice. Valuing myself as much as others, if not more. Being intentional about conversations and making connections. Not letting myself off the hook as much when there’s an opportunity to connect. Be more present and less fearful of rejection. I’m showing myself much more compassion than I ever did before and intentional about doing better next time instead of being harsh to myself. I understood the value of the intrinsic work (in this whole person approach), but I didn’t fully appreciate the impact that it had on how oneself is presented to the world, especially compassion in all it’s forms. I learned how to network and building connections.”


"Understanding how I operate and what really works for me versus what I think should work for me or what I’ve been making work in the past has been invaluable. Identifying my emotions in healthier contexts in situations and not ruminating on things as easily when I feel like I’m losing control. Insights into the personal triggers and things that I knew I was working on personally holding me back in a professional setting that I’d never thought of. This is holistic and whole person approach to finding the right systems and solutions for yourself. Applying the whole self in terms of what you want out of life and how best you can accomplish that. Got so much more out of this than just career help. I really worked on clarity and confidence in who I am as a person and found ways to approach life and a career search that align with who I am and who I want to be."



"You learn and become a student of yourself
which helps you then know what will be good for you in the future as it relates to your career. The benefit of the program is that you are no longer going down a rabbit hole only to find out that a certain career does not align with your strengths and values."



"Rebecca offers a whole, complete and broader approach to improve interview and communication skills. I was able to get the job that I wanted. I feel more confident and have a better connection with myself and others. I have increased my self-awareness and self-understanding. The advice, guidance, techniques, and content of your Master Course videos, along with the feedback from the mock interview was something I really appreciate and really helped me. Rebecca is a very positive influence – she made an impact on me."


"This is a deep dive into inner causes of lacking confidence and the start to developing positive tools to build genuine confidence within yourself."


"It's life changing professionally and personally because of the different ways it makes you think about yourself, and your relationships with others. It’s about the love the confidence and that inner person that was lost and bringing them back to life and enjoyment with work and co-workers. Brought me back to a place where work is fun again and my passion is coming through again. I know what I need to do in order to move forward and appreciate myself more, to know that I am worthy, I am enough, and that I do belong."


"It’s more personalized than the typical coaching program and why I called Rebecca. For me, it’s not all about leadership, its about me as a person, and it applies to work and home. It helped me get past the stories I tell myself. She always asks the right questions to get me thinking of the different angles. I really value this."

​"Rebecca is truly objective and best intentioned in bringing out one's true journey or nature in life."

-Trish Kelly Belock


​​​"How do you prepare for a job interview when you have no idea what questions will be asked? Rebecca helped me do just that! The tools and tips she gave me were great. I walked into the room feeling prepared to answer any question I would be asked. I felt more confident than I ever have entering the room where the interview took place, and it was the first time ever that I left a job interview feeling that I gave adequate answers to the questions asked. I highly recommend Rebecca Cooley."

-A. E.


"I wanted To let you know that today I got an offer for my dream job and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your help because without it I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten close."



"​The first thing I felt when we started our session was trust and professionalism. Rebecca's confident and calm nature made me feel immediately at ease and focused. Her ability to look at my decision in ways I never would have considered really took away some of my anxiety. I can't wait to work with her again!"

-K. R.



"During each of our conversations, Rebecca demonstrated a true sense of genuineness. Her no judgment approach encouraged me to dream big. And with big dreams have come new and exciting opportunities. My confidence has soared and my jovial, fun, and charismatic  personality emerged — I have become more of the me I want to be. Through working with Rebecca, I have more clearly defined what I enjoy in life and what I want to get out of life. With that I have developed goals to pursue the things that I truly value. Rebecca then helped me define manageable action steps to get from point A to point B with accountability that helped me break the complicated wishes and desires into tangible steps for which I could take immediate action. The profound take away I had was to sit down and look at different facets of my life to identify my core values. I accomplished this through focus and by becoming more mindful of my feelings and emotions.  During each of our conversations, Rebecca demonstrated a true sense of genuineness. Her no judgment approach encouraged me to dream big. And with big dreams have come new and exciting opportunities.  My confidence has soared and my jovial, fun, and charismatic  personality emerged — I have become more of the me I want to be."

-J. Kenney

"First, let me begin by saying thank you, Rebecca. Not only did you prove to be an invaluable career coach, but you were also a mentor, friend and confidant during what was a difficult transition in my professional life. After having spent almost 20 years in the tech workforce, I realized that I had always received much more personal satisfaction from helping others, than from my data network engineering career. After my family's relocation to Cary, I knew that I had to find some way to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. However, I really had no idea how to begin that type of job search. I assumed that all I needed to do was put together a resume and go out and find a soft skills job the way I did it in the tech world many years ago; and I was going to do it on my own. How was someone who didn’t know me going to be able to help me market myself better than I could do it myself? I couldn't have been more wrong! Rebecca has a program that works, but it’s not just because she knows the correct steps to take in a job search. Rebecca's program works because of Rebecca! She pours all of her energy, focus and attention into you. While I knew she had other clients, I felt as though I was the only one, or at least her most important one. Believe me, I too wrestled with justifying the cost of the program, but I’m so glad that I decided that my career change was worth it. There is no magic bullet out there, it's still tough looking for any job, but having Rebecca as my career coach kept the process focused and positive. She was extremely well prepared for our meetings, had a specific agenda and made each session time well spent. Probably the most important to me personally was that she held me accountable for my contributions in the process. My one regret was that I spent the first couple of months thinking that I could do it myself. I was finally convinced to sign up after I attended one of her coaching networking meetings. She is extremely professional and genuinely cares about her networking contacts. If you don’t believe me, please attend one of her meetings for yourself. If that doesn’t convince you and you still need a reference, please call me so you can hear the enthusiasm and excitement in my voice as I give her my highest recommendation."

-Michael Gwynn

"I participated in Rebecca’s “Next Level Series” -a series of five workshops which is designed to help you identify your values and your desires, identify obstacles and create tools to help you stay focused on your goals. I really enjoyed the workshops. Rebecca is open minded, loving and very supportive, she will help you look at your desires and values without judgment, just pure awareness. We made an exploration that led to a personal statement that I would not have come up with without the exercises. She helped me clarify and boil it down to its essence. I now have a vision board and a personal statement to remind me. Thank you Rebecca."




"I first hired Rebecca to help me present my services to potential customers in 2009, and was very impressed with her knowledge and experience in public speaking. She was very personable and detail observant, and it was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend Rebecca as a public speaking coach."


​-Mary Chen, President, Chen Language Services





​​"I spent several sessions with Rebecca to prepare for an interview. Her guidance, insights, and recommendations made all the difference in preparing for the interview. Her coaching is straightforward and illuminating--she can discern one's strengths and weakness and propose just the right regimen to improve one's relationship with oneself and the world in which he or she interacts. I wholeheartedly endorse her work as a life coach."

-Ronald L.





​​"​The first thing I felt when we started our session was trust and professionalism. Rebecca's confident and calm nature made me feel immediately at ease and focused. Her ability to look at my decision in ways I never would have considered really took away some of my anxiety. I can't wait to work with her again!"

-K. Rockhold




When asked “what stands out about the entire [Business Mentoring for Professional Coaches] program?” My answer is “All of it” everything was just so good. I got clients and coached them. I made progress and I took risks. I learned how to figure out my target market. I have confidence in what I know now in my heart of hearts are my niches. I learned how to present my values presentation. I learned that as long as I am moving toward my goal, it doesn't matter how small the steps are.

The Life Coaching Sessions: They actually gave me a chance to experience what I'm selling. So, I can really see things from a client perspective.

The Business Mentoring: Perspective was always on time and just what I needed to get me over the hump. When I was like “this is too much”, so much to do all the time, you were there to give me that kick I needed. The things I had concerns about you helped break them down into doable pieces. It was like me having a math problem that I had no idea how to do and you gave me the steps to get to the answer but not the answer. Which I loved, because I like to figure out things. Even if you had given me the answer I would still have asked you how you got there.

The Workshops: Love them! They answered my questions and made me think about some things I needed and didn't know. Also, they gave me the steps I needed to conquer an area in my business.

The Coach / Mentor: I absolutely adore you! If we weren't in a business relationship I could see us hanging out and having a good time. You always made me feel comfortable, never looked at me strange when I was trying to figure out what I was trying to communicate. I feel we always had a mutual respect for each other’s practices. Which felt good. I could totally be myself without any apologies around you. In your own words "You are awesome"!

Guess what? I will pick one thing that stands out most about the program: YOU! You made it all worthwhile. Anyone could have coached me, gave me the workshops. However, I believe because you have been where I am you wanted to make sure I got everything you wished someone had given to you.

-N. Robinson

Rebecca Cooley has taken a very "raw "copy of my old resume and transformed this personal document for me in a way that reflects my work experience and values. By using a professional resume template and truly listening to my needs, she assisted me in creating a resume designed for today's job market. I am grateful for your skills Rebecca!


-Namaste, Trish Kelly Belock

All I can say is WOW!! You have gone above and beyond!! It was so great talking to you—you are such a positive person and ALWAYS a JOY to work with!! I can't say THANK YOU enough! I have already briefed some of my colleagues about our discussion and look forward to sharing [the Worksite Wellness] packet that you have assembled. I sincerely appreciate your help! Your knowledge has been incredibly helpful.


-Jamie Pittman, Wellness Program Coordinator 

I am feeling a lot more comfortable with public speaking. Thanks so much for all that you have done. It has really been helpful.


​​​Thank you Rebecca for showing me a different perspective on my previous life experience and an outlook of my potential in personal growth and professional development. Your professional coaching has been very inspiring and beneficial to me. It can also be to those who welcome a change in their lives and desire to continue to be a contribution to society as I do. At 65 years of age, I consider myself to be a viable individual with a sharp mind and a positive force to those I come in contact with. I am ambitious in reaching out to the younger generation with my wisdom and the knowledge I have acquired educationally and as a business woman plus as a mother. Your skills and knowledge was the trump card I needed to move forward in a more precise direction and it has enhanced my life. Thank you again.

-A. Flores

I feel communication in my relationships is better which makes my relationships better. I don’t worry anymore because I know I can handle it. The thing that helped the most was the lovework, knowing I have to practice, and putting the investment in myself. You said in the beginning I’m going to get out what I put in so I put the most into it because time is limited and knowing you are going to ask about it at the next session is helpful. I’ve also been helped by the book recommendations that you offer….The biggest take-aways are the fact that I know I can handle it, I can handle situations where I am speaking, I can handle talking to an employee, finding a new job, family and kids- I know how to handle it, the confidence that I have that any situation “I can do it”, friends/home/work- I can do this, I have the confidence… I have become more aware of my experience of communicating and communicating better with proper body language and proper eye contact and proper words. I’ve been observing everyone around me for communication tactics… I have become more positive about who I am.


This is a process that doesn’t come naturally to me, for anyone coming into it, is helping me to learn to face head-on any uncomfortable situations. [In this process,] you are going to grow personally and professionally. I can see where this is paying off for me personally. I liked the structure of the program, doing the assessments, we knew each other before the first meeting so we can hit the ground running, there is a formula but it is fluid, we have a game-plan and we are working on that together…The biggest thing is the self-care, prior to the six sessions I tried to do the self-care I wasn’t deliberate at it. I’ve learned I need to be deliberate and think about how I’m going to do it- make it strategic and more of a priority. You’ve given me specific steps on how to do it…Also things like using the resources you have offered, figuring out how to move forward….The strategies to continue developing professionally as well as personally to continue moving forward to whatever I want to go toward…There was so much, the self-reflection is at the core of it- how to effectively do the self-reflection. If I know how to self-reflect that helps me address my immediate needs, self-care, and future goals. Constant work on one’s self to deal with the now as well as what’s coming. I never knew how to do that…The guidance was offered throughout. With each session there were always things of what to do. I learned breathing techniques, tools, and specific strategies were sprinkled in the program.


I can honestly say the encouragement and direction of self-exploration has been the greatest benefit of this instruction and series of sessions. The ability to untangle what already exists and build upon that. Not only do I feel more confident I think I am presenting more confidently. Your skill set of being able to teach compartmentalization has driven and directed me, you’ve passed that skill set on to me. You’ve helped me tease out what needs to be teased out…. you required a lot of self-evaluation. I presume it was your expectation, and my self-expectation, that came together to help me complete the tasks at hand…You provided resources, step by step guidance, assessments, and evaluations.


The most valuable aspects of the program for me was the fact that I now have a rhythm which was important for me, I didn’t realize the significance of it. You helped me narrow down and create, helped me thrive. I have see the direct consequences of your program at work, personal life. I now have a healthy balance…developing a personal routine was very helpful, learning to be able to say no and knowing the power behind it was significantly helpful because it made me realize that I didn’t have to commit to something if I didn’t want to so I can focus on me….also knowing the importance of self-care and realizing how positively it can impact your personal and work life…what has helped the most has been the hands on and acting out scenarios, mock interviews, mock presentations, and learning the subtle non-verbal things I am doing and learning how to improve that….The interview prep also stands out, … talking points about your strengths, and how to answer difficult questions.

-A. I. 



I was so impressed by the tools that we used, the way that you explain things and use multiple tools has helped me to get a broader perspective in life. In general, I have become more confident. This program has really affected my confidence and allowed me to let go of somethings that were standing in my way….I feel your guidance, your ability to know what the resources are no matter the topic, your ability to give us the tools and resources. It’s too jumbled to do it on your own.

-C. M. 

“The take-aways were identifying what’s standing in my way and figure out ways to work through that. It will take practice. I am going to social events and letting myself get centered in the room and look approachable, remembering and recognizing what I already have…I am getting out of my own head and not letting the fears stand in the way. I am not allowing a fear to be treated like a truth. I am reminding myself to breathe, visualize, and tell the negative voice to be quiet.” 

-A. H. 

This program has helped me to think outside my current situation/box and then thinking about ways to change it, to change the circumstances, and taking small  steps toward moving outside the box. It has helped me get out of my own way by answering the questions and doing the assignments. The program gets to the real desires outside of me and getting it on paper and seeing it there- helps you to visualize and see where you need to move and including establishing work/life balance. Going through the process and being honest and open has helped me. Going through the process and answering the questions and getting feedback and writing stuff down, set some goals about personal life and work, deciding to make an effort and commitment to the process has helped me. The most helpful thing that I’ve learned through the process was to pursue the things that you want to do, your passions, regardless of the roadblocks.

-S. S. 

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a life time. Thank you Rebecca for teaching me the skills of a life time.

-L. Rodriguez

I hope you are doing well! I wanted to let you know how the interview went… I felt more relaxed during the interview thanks to the guided imagery and breathing techniques. Overall I feel really good about everything.... I was able to remember some questions so I have started a question bank for future interviews. Thanks again for working with me! 



I wanted to let you know that today I got an offer for my dream job and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your help because without it I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten close.


​​​How do you prepare for a job interview when you have no idea what questions will be asked? Rebecca helped me do just that! The tools and tips she gave me were great. I walked into the room feeling prepared to answer any question I would be asked. I felt more confident than I ever have entering the room where the interview took place, and it was the first time ever that I left a job interview feeling that I gave adequate answers to the questions asked. I highly recommend Rebecca Cooley; she taught me some valuable strategies that I will be able to use in my future endeavors.


-A. Van Elsue

Thank you so much for your expertise in coaching me for an interview. You had the right questions and pulled the right answers from me. After reviewing my notes and all your good points, I have to tell you, I was brimming with confidence. The mock interview was key for me. Thank you again for your coaching, I now am prepared for any interview.

-Amanda F.

Rebecca is truly objective and best intentioned in bringing out one's true journey or nature in life.

-Trish Kelly Belock

​​​Thank you for taking the time to coach me for my interview. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. I especially appreciate that you practiced with me to ensure that I was ready for the interview and felt confident. I plan on using all of the techniques you provided. I will also use the techniques you provided as a relaxation tool. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.


-T. James

You are amazing. I am amazed at your commitment to me. I have to truly say, no one has done so much for me. I am grateful to you.



You give us great homework- utilizing it in my career not just my speech, paying attention to the connection… I’m a big believer you’re constantly learning and improving, connection is important.

-M. S. 

I appreciate the evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses so I can focus on those weak areas. I feel that had to do with clarity of words, precision in language, clarity of message, engaging the audience and keeping them engaged. I am able to understand the audience and have learned the methods to use to be more effective at identifying the message and getting it across…I know what I wanted and you helped me get there, you helped me with the big message, you helped me with clarity with complex ideas…

-B. S. 



Being able to talk through the process with someone in person was valuable. Talking with other people – having someone who is actively listening makes a huge difference. The audience analysis piece was big- how I would have said it did not make sense…learning to pivot that message to someone else was really effective.

-E. S. 

Specific changes: I learned to speak louder and with more emphasis to increase vocal variety; I’ve learned to connect emotion with words to help engage the audience and to practice memorization in a different way….  I got so much more out of this experience than I expected: I learned to recognize an inner power that I didn’t know I had. Rebecca’s honest and engaging coaching has not only helped me on the way to becoming a great public speaker, but she has helped me become more self-confident in all of my interactions.

-L. Davis

Your pushing me on clarifying the message and thesis statement, the parts of your program that helped structure the talk better, your willingness to run through element by element were all incredibly helpful and re-assured me on things I think might be problems…Also the information about speaking from the heart you gave me for when I am ready to do that in context – I now have resources to lean on.


Rebecca was a very flexible, patient, and supportive coach, ready to adapt each week to help me define next steps as my goals evolved. What I most appreciated about working with her was that even when my goals turned out not to match up with actions I was prepared to take right away, she came to the next session full of energy, ideas, advice, questions, attentiveness, and experiences to share. There were no failures, just lessons and adjustments. On a nitty-gritty level, I now have a much larger toolbelt for communicating—from asking true open-ended questions to sharing more about myself to using opposite action to stand taller and smile wider. There is so much for me to practice now. As I have started to do this, her tips for planning around personal values and needs have already stuck with me and helped me stay focused on what brings me energy and satisfaction. Thanks, Rebecca, for sharing this highly practical foundation!

-Bryce A.

 I think that the interview went quite well. Your coaching kept me in the mindset that I was there for a purpose, to demonstrate that I have the core values they are looking for and that I will continue to apply them in the future. The final interviewer said, "I'm going to vouch for your application to the committee.


Thanks for who you are and all the good that you do.



Rebecca, it was a real pleasure to work through the interview prep with you. I find your method to be refreshing and extraordinarily helpful in cutting through the weeds. This is really helping me tap the skills I've developed over the years, so thank you. I keep being extraordinarily grateful for your coaching me through the early part of the process. I used the interview answers we developed for "hard questions"... I used the strengths list and some calming deep breathing as you suggested. [I was asked back for several additional interviews.] So it works!!! 


I definitely found the Speak Easy workshop to be helpful in many ways. I really appreciated your vulnerability in sharing your personal story. I think you really were able to get me to have a shift in thinking when it comes to public speaking--which I think is critical, before even beginning to practice specific techniques and strategies. The content of the talk and also the way you facilitated the discussion with those of us in the audience helped me to have many "aha" moments. I saw, for example, how fear (once again) can get in the way of important things we want to pursue...seems like it is always at the source. Thank you very much!!



Thanks for creating a comfortable environment in which to open up.  I greatly appreciate working with you.



​Rebecca revised my resume and I thought she did a fantastic job. I could have never presented my skills in such a concise and convincing way. I thought the resume I did myself was ok until I saw what she came up with —it blew mine away. I had some slight changes which she returned promptly and she was very easy to work with. After using her services I have found full time employment within two weeks. My resume was completed in a very timely manner and I would recommend her services to others.


​-M. Montgomery










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