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Private Coaching offered online, in-person, or

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What sets the Catalyst Coach apart? 

Customized. Personalized. Just for You.

Master Coach Rebecca Cooley creates a powerful experience with a constant focus on you and your personal and professional goals. She customizes each program with you in mind and provides accountability, perspective, and motivation to help you achieve results. She does this through a unique and highly transformative combination of training, coaching, and support. Using a whole person custom approach to coaching, Rebecca facilitates a deliberate and thoughtful process to help you identify the themes that serve as the undercurrent of your high-level goals. She shares proven strategies to help you move through obstacles so that you can achieve your goals, and offers you targeted coaching and training on your area of improvement. She is committed to you every step of the way and provides ongoing support and encouragement as you continue to develop mastery. Rebecca pulls from over a decade of experience coaching and training managers and executives from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. She is committed to learning and has a strong foundation of 25 years of research and training in a variety of disciplines from which to pull from to offer you applicable strategies and tools. Rebecca is here for you as your partner, your coach, and your Catalyst for Change! 

Awaken Your Confidence

Ignite Your Spark

Be the Catalyst

  • Confidence

  • Self-awareness

  • Clarify your goals

  • Identify internal and external obstacles

  • Manage stress

  • Enhance concentration and focus

  • Manage anxiety 

  • Confidently and assertively communicate with colleagues and supervisors

  • Develop your presentation skills

  • Learn how to target your interview responses for the organization you are applying for

  • Identify and market your strengths and transferable skills 

  • Learn and apply key communication and mindfulness strategies

  • Develop interpersonal effectiveness in personal and professional relationships 

  • Identify ways to keep yourself motivated to continue achieving your goals

  • Develop flexibility, openness, and willingness to take the necessary actions to achieve your goals

  • Gain confidence to step outside your comfort zone






Speak with confidence and comfort in front of an audience or one on one. Deliver formal presentations, sales demos, or lead meetings with comfort and ease. Communicate effectively at informal social gatherings. Learn proven strategies and tips to improve your skills, relax, and connect with your audience big or small.


  • Leadership Communication

  • Communication Strategies for Introverts

  • Public Speaking Training

  • Authentic Communication

  • Stress-reduction and Relaxation Training

Prepare for your next interview through a combination of intrinsic whole person coaching and targeted interview skill building. Speak with confidence and comfort with your interviewers. Deliver interview responses with comfort and ease. Learn proven strategies and tips to improve your interviews, relax, and connect.


  • Mock Interviews and Feedback

  • Interview Strategies for Introverts

  • Communication Training

  • Authentic Communication

Ready to do what you love? Rebecca partners with you to help you explore and clarify your next career through a customized career coaching program. 

  • Master Life & Career Coaching

  • Stress-reduction Training

  • Career Brainstorming for Introverts


​"Rebecca is truly objective and best intentioned in bringing out one's true journey or nature in life."

-Trish Kelly Belock


​​​"How do you prepare for a job interview when you have no idea what questions will be asked? Rebecca helped me do just that! The tools and tips she gave me were great. I walked into the room feeling prepared to answer any question I would be asked. I felt more confident than I ever have entering the room where the interview took place, and it was the first time ever that I left a job interview feeling that I gave adequate answers to the questions asked. I highly recommend Rebecca Cooley."

-A. E.


"I wanted To let you know that today I got an offer for my dream job and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your help because without it I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten close."



"​The first thing I felt when we started our session was trust and professionalism. Rebecca's confident and calm nature made me feel immediately at ease and focused. Her ability to look at my decision in ways I never would have considered really took away some of my anxiety. I can't wait to work with her again!"

-K. R.



"During each of our conversations, Rebecca demonstrated a true sense of genuineness. Her no judgment approach encouraged me to dream big. And with big dreams have come new and exciting opportunities. My confidence has soared and my jovial, fun, and charismatic  personality emerged — I have become more of the me I want to be. "

-J. Kenney




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