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3-month Coaching Program



Relax, Reduce Stress, Practice Mindfulness

Handle Stress More Effectively With
Mindfulness & Stress-reduction Coaching

Stress is a troublesome concern for people of all ages and professions. A report from the Centers for Disease Control states that 110 million people die as a direct result of stress with the workplace ranking as the number one cause of stress. 


Stress can manifest in multiple types of physical symptoms. In some cases, you might not even associate these symptoms with stress, so being mindful and paying attention to your body is critical to catching it early and reducing whatever stress you may be experiencing. 


Managing stress in a crucial part of taking yourself to the next level professionally. That is why the Master Coach at Catalyst Action Coaching, Rebecca Cooley includes stress management training in all of her programs. Click here to review some of our amazing coaching programs that will help you manage your stress and grow professionally. 


Recognizing the Symptoms of Stress

Some of the prevailing symptoms associated with stress include, but aren't limited to:


  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Chest pain

  • Racing heart

  • Digestive problems

  • Frequent colds or infections

  • Sore or stiff muscles

  • Body aches

  • Nausea

  • Loss of sexual drive

  • Notable changes in appetite

  • Tooth grinding

In addition to these physical symptoms, other signs of stress could include depression, anxiety, irritability, anger issues, trouble remembering things or concentrating, feeling unmotivated, having racing thoughts and unrelenting worries, or losing/gaining weight.


As you can imagine, all of these symptoms and feelings can have a devastating effect on your immune system and your mindset.


If you know or suspect that you're under high levels of stress, learning stress management techniques and working with a health coach in Raleigh, NC, is a smart investment in your future and your overall well-being. 


Create a Plan of Action to Combat Stress

Luckily, stress is something that can get managed using multiple approaches, including counseling, exercise, taking nutritional supplements, reducing caffeine intake, and laughter.


For busy and occupied people, it can be challenging to do all the needed research to develop a plan of action for stress reduction. In these situations, working with a life coach can prove particularly helpful.


As a trained professional Catalyst Action Coach possess a deep understanding of stress management tools and techniques that are conducive to making positive changes and reducing stress. 


Through our personal coaching sessions, we at times become your leadership and mental health coach. In options like the one-on-one Career Coaching sessions we will customize and personalize a program to identify the causes of stress in your career life and develop a plan to set achievable goals. The desired outcome of these sessions is exploring the things that you want out of life and creating paths to reach your ultimate goals and objectives. 


A Holistic Approach to Treating Stress

If you're reluctant to take pharmaceutical drugs to treat anxiety and stress, we advise stress management and life coaching offers an alternative. 


Standard methodologies in stress management coaching could include:


  • Developing accountability

  • Questioning outdated thinking

  • Evaluating your current situation

  • Learning strategies to achieve goals

  • Online or in-person sessions

  • Access to master courses

  • Private sessions

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses

These comprehensive sessions are ideal for working through professional or personal challenges in life, allowing for growth and advancement in areas of your life, which are the most important. 


Achieve Goals You Never Thought Possible


When you feel like you're stuck in a rut, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of whether you are unhappy in a personal relationship or you're struggling with pressure at your job, a professional coach helps you see things from a different perspective. 


Areas where their guidance is invaluable include:


  • Aligning your values

  • Professional and personal growth

  • Goal setting

  • Improving productivity

  • Acquiring skills

  • Decision-making strategies

  • Dealing with emotional triggers

If you're unsatisfied with your current situation and looking for a different perspective, working with a personal life coach offers unbiased and honest feedback. Our primary concern is helping clients come into the best version of themselves so that they can live more enjoyable and less stress-filled lives.

Schedule a Time to Explore the Opportunities

Are you ready to revamp the way you feel about life? Do you want to gain control over stress so you can sleep better at night? Have you grown tired of trying to please everyone except for yourself? Do you feel stuck in a job or a career that you dread?


If "yes" to any or all of the questions above, call the life and career coaching professional, Rebecca Cooley, at Catalyst Action Coaching in Raleigh, NC, to discuss your situation and to explore paths you never imagined possible. We're here to help you succeed and thrive in life.


Master Coach and Mindfulness Instructor Rebecca Cooley offers techniques and strategies for stress-management, mindfulness tools, as well as focused coaching to help you move through stress-related situations and live in joy and peace. 



This program is designed to address:

  • mindfulness-based stress reduction

  • stress-management

  • relaxation

  • releasing outdated beliefs

  • fear-reduction

  • goal achievement

  • life coaching

  • and individualized topics relating to your specific goals.


  • 3-months of support from Master Coach Rebecca Cooley

  • Six private coaching sessions 

  • Customized Mindfulness and Stress-reduction Homework

  • BONUS: on-demand Master Course modules

  • BONUS: Weekly Q&A 

  • BONUS: Monthly Q&A and additional time with Rebecca

Warm Welcome! 

from Master Coach Rebecca Cooley

Hello Lovely Person! 

I am so excited that you have taken this amazing first step to learn more about how my private coaching program can offer you the support and strategies you are looking for!

It is my best guess that you're here because you've tried various other solutions and haven't quite found the solution you seek. My best guess is that you desire a more whole person approach to your goals with help moving through mindset blocks, and a custom solution with personalized support to help you reach your targeted goals. A Program customized just for you.  I get it! I've been there! And I'm here for you! It is my absolute joy in life to partner with people like you! People who are committed to their growth and transformation! 

Wishing you much peace and joy, 



Have you ever felt anxious about pursuing your dreams? 

Have you stayed in a job that is soul-crushing for far too long? 

Are you nervous about the next steps in your career path because you don't know what to do?

Did the experience of "staying comfortable but unhappy" in your job ever override your desire to break free and find your joy? 

Were you ever terrified of telling people in your life what you really want to do?

Do you experience fear of taking the leap of faith in yourself?

Have you kept yourself small because you worried what other people would think of you? 

Were you certain that everyone in the room was going to notice how awkward you felt inside or that you were a phony? 

Have you ever wished that you had a different body, a different personality, a different life? 

Did you ever want the mental chatter to just stop? 

Have you engaged in negative self-talk and beat yourself up?

Have you experienced that emptiness that feels alone and endless? 

Do you know the feeling of not knowing what you want to do with your life and feel disconnected from your purpose? 

Have you felt so low about yourself that you could not connect with yourself or spend time with yourself? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. I can answer yes to every single question at one point in my life.

My feelings of debilitating anxiety and feelings of discomfort in my emotions and body began such a long time ago. I remember as a small child feeling incredibly self-conscious. At school, I felt awkward and out of place among my peers. In college, my friendships were few and shallow because I was always concerned about what other people thought of me. I was consumed with the thought of messing up and being judged. My thoughts and beliefs kept me isolated and alone and unable to connect deeply.

The anxiety, loneliness, and empty feeling led me from a very young age on a quest to find answers. It began with a quest as a 13 year old to "find happiness". I saw my peers as happy and carefree and I wanted that! 

My journey at that young age began with attending an evening support group at a church. I was mostly surrounded  by adults. We learned yoga, emotional regulation techniques, and meditation. The focus was on peace. I was grateful to find  some relief but continued to suffer.

I kept searching and my journey took me to self-help, psychology, philosophy... Yes I was the 15 year old at the bookstore in the psychology section reading and reading everything I could get my hands on. Anything that would help me find the answer to "how to be happy".

Counseling was also part of my experience and I tried everything from individual to group therapy to classes. I tried various spiritual traditions. At one point I counted....over the course of my life I had taken hundreds of classes and received thousands of hours of training in pursuit of my answer. I took one 8-week class over and over for years. I went across the world to meditation retreat after meditation retreat, spending upwards of ten days in silent meditation. For decades, I spent most of my days in pursuit. Striving for answers. Seeking. 

Then I began to live what I was learning. To Stop Thinking about it and Truly Practice It. Then it began to click. All of it. 

So have I found "the answer" to eternal happiness? 

Not at all. 

BUT, I no longer feel the same anxiety I once did. 

I have made peace with that empty feeling inside. 

I feel a great deal of compassion for those parts of me that hurt. 

I have come to know myself very well. 

I honor myself as a daily practice.

I can delight in spending time with myself and connecting with myself now. 

I feel comfortable in my own skin and am so grateful to my body and connect regularly with it's wisdom instead of fighting it.

I feel solid in me. 

I know who I am and know there is no one like me. 

I face my fears as a daily practice. 

I feel deeply connected to others. 

I feel proud of who I am and this confidence shines. 

I have come to trust myself. 

I trust my inner voice. 

I know I can handle it. Whatever "it" is.

I offer compassion to myself and practice radical self-acceptance. 

I extend this compassion to others. 

I have stopped judging myself. 

I challenge false beliefs. 

I can distinguish truth from conditioning and programming that I had carried with me all my life. 

I can easily access total quietude and relief from the mental chatter. 

I love connecting with people in any way, through one on one conversation or teaching large classes. 

I know my purpose and am grateful every day for my life.

I can now say I am grateful for all of the circumstances in my life that prompted me to seek, to learn, to practice, and most importantly to share.

I discovered that it wasn't about how much I learned or how much I practiced...

Although my journey involves a lot of both...

I discovered that it was about turning inward and discovering that the root of all my issues was internal. 

And cultivating the courage to look deeply and address the root rather than the symptom.

And it is my honor to join you on your journey as you too, gently and at your own pace, discover your own roots.

It is my honor to walk with you and share what I have learned and to offer help if you have struggle as I struggled. I don't want you to suffer if there are things I can do to help. 

I offer help by learning about you, understanding your struggles, and synthesizing~ my lifetime of learning and practicing~ into easy to use personalized methods just for you.

It is my heart's desire to offer the relief I can and help you find your own peace and joy. 

I truly feel we are in this together. 

I want this for you. 

If I can do it, you can do it.




Master Coach | Whole-person & Compassion-focused

Customized. Personalized. Just for You. ​

Master Coach Rebecca Cooley creates a powerful experience with a constant focus on you and your personal and professional goals.

She customizes each program with you in mind and provides accountability, perspective, and motivation to help you achieve results. 

She does this through a unique and highly transformative combination of training, coaching, and support.

Using a whole person custom approach to coaching, Rebecca facilitates a deliberate and thoughtful process to help you identify the themes that serve as the undercurrent of your high-level goals. 

She shares proven strategies to help you move through obstacles so that you can achieve your goals, and offers you targeted coaching and training on your area of improvement.

She is committed to you every step of the way and provides ongoing support and encouragement as you continue to develop mastery.

Rebecca pulls from over a decade of experience coaching and training managers and executives from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

She has taught hundreds of classes and assisted thousands of people.

Most importantly, she is the coach that has walked the walk... She has been there. She knows and has experienced what you are going through. She has devoted her life to finding solutions to her own social anxiety, depression, nervousness, feelings of emptiness and disconnection from herself and others, debilitating fear, and feeling a lack of purpose and fulfillment. For over 25 years and over 1000 hours of training, she sought out and discovered so many strategies that have helped her connect more authentically with herself and others, move into her courageous life, with much more peace and fulfillment. 

And she is committed to sharing these usable and synthesized strategies with you so you too can move into your courageous life full of peace and enjoyment. 


She continues her commitment to learning and has a strong foundation of 25 years of research and training in a variety of disciplines and methods from which to pull from to offer you applicable strategies and tools.

Rebecca is here for you as your partner, your coach, and your Catalyst for Change! ​

Click here for Rebecca's full bio.


The results are in! Catalyst Partners share their individual results from partnering with Rebecca: 


































My focus is on helping people find solutions and offer strategies to intrinsic goals as well as offering expert skills training.

My partners usually come to me in search of skill-based solutions to public speaking, communication, interview skill building, or career change.

But they also come to me knowing that the issue is more complicated than skills alone.

They know their solution will also involve addressing emotions such as anxiety, confidence, nervousness, insecurity.

So we start there. As the program progresses we move into skill building.  One step at a time.

A wonderful Catalyst Partner of mine comes to mind…

We will call her Jenny.

Jenny was unhappy with her job. She didn’t find it fulfilling or meaningful. It dealt with numbers and forms and she shared that she was more of a people person. Jenny had a lot of shoulds around work, many beliefs and ideas about what she should be doing. None of which corresponded to what she wanted. When I first met her, she was not quite sure what she wanted. She just knew she was unhappy, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied with where she was. So we started there… We began to investigate what she wanted, what she cared about. She began to connect with herself, to discover her voice, her core needs, her passions. She began to be able to speak outloud what she wanted and what she enjoyed. She began to do those things in her daily life. It was wonderful to witness the change in her demeanor! To see the light in her eyes! To notice the shifts in the way she spoke and held herself. In time Jenny cultivated the courage to name what she wanted for yourself and begin to take meaningful action toward her career change. A career change that was more in line with who she was. And it all started with getting connected with herself.

Another wonderful Partner comes to mind...
We'll call her Jennifer. 

Jennifer struggled with a tremendous amount of anxiety and internal negative self-talk. She struggled with nervousness not only in her communication with colleagues at work but also with her family, and at times for no apparent reason. Jennifer reached out primarily to address her anxiety and find new and helpful ways to find peace and relaxation. Jennifer embarked on a journey with me focused on mindful awareness, learning to spend time with her discomfort, identifying stressors in her life, and gaining tools to help her reduce stress so she could connect more with herself and others. Today Jennifer is able to apply the tools and techniques that she learned when the feelings of anxiety and nervousness arise at work and at home. She practices relaxation techniques daily and has learned to embrace the part of her that was anxious and show it compassion and acceptance. I'm so proud of her! 

​It is my forever honor to do this amazing work with my partners. I am so grateful to be able to help people find peace, find compassion, and find confidence in themselves.

 It is my forever honor to do this amazing work with my partners. I am so grateful to be able to help people find peace, find compassion, and find confidence in themselves.


"The key to the program was the lovework and taking the time to complete it. Taking that little time to love yourself and honor yourself and stop the negativity. It's amazing how your entire perspective of everything can shift- personally and professionally. It was truly the key for me making such a huge shift. I realize now that I needed to come into my confidence before I could swipe away [my beliefs about others]. I had to go into myself first, own who I am, be comfortable with who I am. The lovework helped me do that, and being more compassionate, allowing myself to make a mistake, not beat myself up, give myself the space to not be perfect, take the lessons I learned and move forward. I have become more self-aware, trusting of my instincts, tuning into my inner voice, owning myself and feeling comfortable in my own skills. I now go into the room as myself, and face my fears. I feel brave, assertive. I just didn’t see it before, I was looking for applause in other people, but now I don’t need their validation to feel whole. When I stopped seeking it from other people and started giving it to myself -it helped me work through my own insecurities. I stopped comparing myself to others, and began celebrating my own little accomplishments, embracing my own idea of success."



"I spent several sessions with Rebecca to prepare for an interview. Her guidance, insights, and recommendations made all the difference. Her coaching is straightforward and illuminating--she can discern one's strengths and weakness and propose just the right regimen."


"How do you prepare for a job interview when you have no idea what questions will be asked? Rebecca helped me do just that! The tools and tips she gave me were great. I walked into the room feeling prepared to answer any question I would be asked. I felt more confident than I ever have entering the room where the interview took place, and it was the first time ever that I left a job interview feeling that I gave adequate answers to the questions asked. I highly recommend Rebecca Cooley; she taught me some valuable strategies that I will be able to use in my future endeavors."

-A. E.​​ ​

"Through working with Rebecca, I have more clearly defined what I enjoy in life and what I want to get out of life. With that I have developed goals to pursue the things that I truly value. Rebecca then helped me define manageable action steps to get from point A to point B with accountability that helped me break the complicated wishes and desires into tangible steps for which I could take immediate action. The profound take away I had was to sit down and look at different facets of my life to identify my core values. I accomplished this through focus and by becoming more mindful of my feelings and emotions.  During each of our conversations, Rebecca demonstrated a true sense of genuineness. Her no judgment approach encouraged me to dream big. And with big dreams have come new and exciting opportunities.  My confidence has soared and my jovial, fun, and charismatic  personality emerged — I have become more of the me I want to be."

-J. Kenney

"I wanted To let you know that today I got an offer for my dream job and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for your help because without it I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten close."



"Rebecca is truly objective and best intentioned in bringing out

one's true journey or nature in life."

-Trish Kelly Belock



"Rebecca's coaching is straightforward and illuminating--she can discern one's strengths and weakness and propose just the right regimen to improve one's relationship with oneself and the world in which he or she interacts. I wholeheartedly endorse her work as a life and career coach."




"You are amazing. I am amazed at your commitment to me. I have to truly say, no one has done so much for me. I am grateful to you."


View More Testimonials!


Peace & Joy Coaching

3-month Private Coaching Program



Master Private Coaching & Training with Rebecca Cooley

  • Master Certified Coach Rebecca Cooley has offered coaching and training ​for over a decade! She holds an MPA with a focus on strategic leadership, a Certification as a Master Coach, and has over 1000 hours of formal training in strategies to help you break through mindset blocks so you can reach your goals.


Six private coaching sessions with Rebecca including a 90-minute Intro Session and Assessment 

  • Each session with Rebecca​ is a highly transformative experience where she helps you get clear about what you want and how to get there. She asks questions, offers perspective and guidance, holds you accountable, and shares strategies to help you move through any blocks getting between you and your goals. Sessions are 60-minutes and offered, at this time, by video-conference or phone call.


Results-focused custom coaching and training for your specific goals 

  • Each program is catered to you and your goals. While there are common themes that Rebecca has helped her partners over the last decade, like build confidence, reduce public speaking nervousness, clarify my goals, find joy and peace, feel more comfortable with others, improve my speaking or interview skills... No two people have exactly the same goals. Rebecca is an expert coach able to meet you where you are ​and craft a program that delivers the solutions and results you seek. 


A whole person integrative-solution approach to coaching ​​

  • Each program with Rebecca takes you as a whole person into account. As a Master Coach, Rebecca knows that public speaking skills or interview skills for most people may involve reducing nervousness or building confidence. She knows that most skill building programs have an intrinsic or emotional component. She guides you through a process of discovering the common themes in various areas of your personal and professional life, looking at your whole person, so you can feather out any blocks and achieve the lasting change you seek.


Training in proven strategies  

  • ​Master Coach Rebecca Cooley has studied a myriad of disciplines for over 25 years. She has been formally and informally trained for over 1000 hours in various techniques, methods, strategies to help you break through any mindset blocks, learn skill-related strategies, and reach your goals. ​


Custom homework to help you reach your goals

  • Using her uniquely attuned ability to get to know her partners, Rebecca can hone in expertly to the underlying themes that may be blocking you or the activities that may be the most helpful for you to reach your goals. She offers you specific personalized homework that helps you progress quickly. ​


An individual assessment of your learning style and personality type to further customize the program for you

  • As a Master Coach, Rebecca knows that each person is unique and has a specific learning style and personality that she needs to know to create the most custom program and custom homework. ​


Built in assessments throughout the program to give you and your coach insight into your measured progress 

  • Rebecca is laser focused on your goals throughout the program so that you attain the highest level of progress possible. Rebecca is committed to checking in with you at each session and at milestone sessions to ensure that you are receiving everything you need and receiving the most out of the program. 


Accountability and Motivation Coaching to help you stay on track to reaching your goals

  • As your coach, Rebecca is here as an accountability partner to help you reach your goals. Her accountability focus is on empowering you and incorporating motivational strategies throughout your program. 


Access to the online Master Course relating to your program (includes 6 modules and 36 lessons) with weekly Q&A to accompany the group class ($1200 Value)

  • ​As part of your Private Coaching Program with Rebecca, you receive access to a supplemental online course that gives additional instruction on the topics you may not be able to get to in your private coaching with Rebecca. 36 lessons offered as recordings that you can listen to anytime anywhere. The course comes with weekly Q&A, an additional way to stay in touch with Rebecca and get the most out of your program.

Access to the private group 

  • The private online group gives you an opportunity for you to stay in touch with Rebecca and a community of like-minded individuals. This is where you can offer support to others, and receive support ​for your progress. You also receive regular inspiration and motivation from Rebecca. 


BONUS: One Live Group Session each month ($300 Value)

  • Throughout the program, you may have questions and seek additional time with Rebecca. Once a month, Rebecca is available for live group sessions by video call to answer questions from her partners and students. Rebecca is so excited to spend time with her partners during these Q&A Sessions!

BONUS: Weekly Q&A ($600 Value)

  • Over the past decade, Rebecca's partners have been so excited about getting to spend extra time with her, to ask questions in writing and receive responses through the private group.


BONUS: Communication Practice Session each month  ($300 Value)

  • This Session is one of Rebecca's joys in life! It gives her a chance to meet with her partners and practice conversations, interpersonal communication, public speaking, interviews. ​During the Session, you get to practice in a group setting either in person or by video call.


BONUS: Relaxing Meditation each month  ($60 Value)

  • Participate in a highly transformative experience to continue your integrative work and mindset breakthroughs to help you reach your highest potential during these relaxing meditations offered in person for those in the Raleigh area. 


My Gift to You: Virtual CARE Packages from your Coach

  • Receive a care package from Rebecca shared only with her people. It will include inspirational video messages, and special gifts for you. 

Your Program includes the on-demand Master Course: The Courageous Career Change Program offered via recorded webinars that you can access at your convenience anytime throughout your program.


~6 modules & 36 lessons~


  • Release your outdated beliefs and identity that you hold about yourself and your abilities

  • Cultivate and Practice self-awareness, self-love, self-compassion, self-acceptance 

Awaken Your Confidence

Ignite Your Spark

Be the Catalyst


I offer a guarantee to all of my coaching partners. If after completing all parts of your program, including the completion of the custom homework, the program portal homework, the online course, and attendance at the weekly and monthly Q&A, Meditation, Communication Practice, you have not found value from the program, just let me know. I will offer you a money back guarantee. I stand by my service and am confident in the value I offer my Catalyst Partners. 


3-month Private Coaching Program

Coaching Sessions: 
every two weeks

Live Q&A (video-conference): 
one Tuesday per month
7:30 pm

Communication Practice Sessions
(in-person or video-conference):
select Saturdays per month
starts at 10:00 am

Weekly Q&A:

Master Course:
Access throughout your program



Currently accepting new partners for 2024!


*A limited number of private programs are available at one time. To reserve your spot, please ensure that you have completed your Intake Form, and finalized your registration in our online store.


STEP 1: Schedule a Free Phone Consultation to receive answers your questions. Click the button below to access our Form to register for your complimentary consultation to learn if coaching is right for you, and share more about you and your goals. 

STEP 2: The Form will include the link to the booking system to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.  Once submitted, we will contact you at your scheduled appointment time.


STEP 3: After our call, you will receive a link to schedule your first session and your Welcome Email with information about your upcoming program- so you can get started on achieving your goals and getting the support you need right away!






When you register for your program, you will also receive access to your Program Portal including:

  • your Welcome Email from Rebecca to receive everything you need to get a head start on preparing for your first group coaching session

  • a bundle of Rebecca's top 3 breakthrough reports on Confidence, Fear-busting, and Reaching Your Potential

  • a guided meditation video from Rebecca to help with relaxation 


An Important  Note from Rebecca...

Hello Wonderful Person, 

I look forward to partnering with you and helping your achieve Your Very Own Catalyst Results for 2024!


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