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Mindful breathing and meditation

For today, spend time in meditation and practice deep breathing.

Slowing down and taking it all in is such an important component of mindful living. When we slow down, take a pause from the busyness, we can appreciate what we have and we can truly experience the present moment and all it has to offer. Think about the last time you were awe-inspired by the kindness of a stranger or the beauty of the sunset. It is likely that if you were too busy you may have missed the kind gesture, the beauty, and the inspiration. Meditation is a way to slow us down, so that we take notice. When we take time to sit and breath, whether it is at a routine time in the morning or evening or throughout our day, we are making it a priority to come back to our centered state of being and focusing on present-moment living.

Meditation is our way of re-calibrating our minds so that we come back to realizing what is most important…our peace and our joy. Tune into the many blessings throughout your day by taking small and continuous moments to pause, breathe, and become aware. When we give ourselves time to cultivate peace and joy in our own lives we develop our capacity to share this with our families, our friends, and everyone we interact with. We all benefit from each other’s mindful practice.

For today, try:

  • slowing down your pace and breathing

  • fasting from unnecessary busyness

Wishing you peace, love, and joy throughout your day,


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