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Mindful Thinking

For today, observe your thoughts. Witness, acknowledge, and challenge false and harmful thoughts.Notice and be aware of your thoughts today.

Notice whether your thoughts are helpful or unhelpful, positive or hurtful. Whether your thoughts are about yourself or others, for today, become aware of the impact they have on you, your relationships, and your ability to live the life you want to live. While we cannot control our thoughts, we can become aware of their effects and choose actions and behaviors that support the life we want to live and the person we want to be rather than actions that support what our mind is telling us to do. For example, let’s say you truly value your health and you know that exercising daily is a step you can take toward your goal of optimal health. It’s been a long workday and your mind is telling you that you ‘deserve a break’ and ‘what’s the use of exercising anyway? you’ve got so much weight to lose that it would take forever. One day off isn’t going to make a difference’. You have a choice in this moment. The choice is to do as your mind tells you “stay home and don’t exercise” OR take the action that is in line with your values “exercise daily because you value your health”. True transformation occurs when we are able to acknowledge and accept that our minds are going to produce unhelpful thoughts at times and even so we are still going to take the helpful action that leads us toward our goals and values. Without judgment toward yourself, simply notice and be aware of the thoughts. There is no need to fight, resist, avoid, or eliminate the thought “I don’t want to exercise”, simply take it with you to the gym and acknowledge it while you are exercising.

Mindful thinking is awareness of your thoughts, deciding if they are helpful or unhelpful, and taking helpful steps regardless of what our mind is telling us.

For today, try:

Fasting from negative self-talk

To learn more about distancing from your thoughts and taking the perspective of the observing self and witness of the thoughts, contact us for a complimentary phone consultation.

Wishing you peace, love, and joy throughout your day,


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