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7 Actions You Can Take to Create Positive Change in Your Workplace

Wouldn't you love to work at an organization that thrived on positivity and respect? You don't have to be in management to create this type of positive work environment. Here are seven actions you can take starting today to improve your workplace:

1. Listen closely: When a colleague or manager speaks to you, listen effectively by facing them and turning away from all distracitons (computers, phone, etc), give them your full attention, refrain from answering the phone while they are talking to you, repeat what they say to ensure that you understand.

2. Provide help: If you have extra time, ask a co-worker if they need help completing a project or volunteer for a committee or a project.

3. Show respect and gratitude: Show everyone that you interact with that you value them, their opinion, and their work. Give thanks whever possible and acknowledge others when they do a great job.

4. Smile: A smile goes a long way. When you pass someone in the hall smile at them. It's quite possible that your smile and your positive energy may help make their day a little brighter. Studies show that smiling can also have positive effects on your own mood.

5. Go for a walk with your co-workers: Send an e-mail to your work group about going for a walk during your lunch or break. Worksite wellness is shown to improve morale, lower absenteeism, improve teamwork, boost productivity and performance. A simple walk or fun stress-relieving activity can go a long way. Click here to learn more about organizing a Worksite Wellness Program for your office and Worksite Wellness ideas.

6. Revamp your office: An organized office space can do wonders for your personal wellbeing and productivity. Find a place for everything in your office from professional literature to your personal belongings. If an item is superfluous, take it home, or give it away. Add plants, uplifting decorations, and photos of family and friends. Organize a records destruction day based on your organization's records retention schedule and get rid of unnecessary and redundant hard copies.

7. Communicate: Communication is key to any effective relationship. The rule of thumb is the more the better. If you find yourself clashing with a co-worker or supervisor, communicate with them as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Approach the conversation with respect and compassion and keep an open-mind about their point of view. Avoid gossip and share information with others.

​Author: Rebecca Cooley

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