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Live Your Best Life

Goal Achievement and Executive Coaching with Master Coach Rebecca Cooley

What do you want to achieve? Our Coach, Rebecca Cooley, provides guidance and motivation as Your Instructor, Your Coach, and Your Mentor. With Rebecca by your side, you will clarify your purpose and what brings you happiness, and propel to the next level of your life. Rebecca's results-focused includes developing the specific steps you need to take to achieve your dreams. 


Is goal achievement coaching for you? The coaching we offer our clients in the Raleigh / Cary, NC area or by Skype helps you hone your personal and professional goals and learn to take the steps to achieve them. Our coach offers you the perspective you need to help you focus on your goals, and learn key strategies to move past obstacles.


Goal Achievement Coaching can help you not only with more effective goal setting, but also with time management, mindfulness, developing healthier relationships with family and friends, work/life balance and more. You can learn relaxation techniques and ways to overcome the fear and anxiety that disturb your rest and keep you from going outside your comfort zone. 


Our coaching can help you improve so many areas of your life, it can be truly transformative, leading to better confidence and assertiveness. Learn more about how coaching works and how it can help you change your life.








Take it to the Next Level.

Gain perspective and clarity.

Receive guidance.

See results.


As a Catalyst Partner, you receive:


Guidance and motivation from your strategic partner, coach and mentor who will help you:

  • explore what you truly want from life, what is truly important to you, and how to get it

  • learn new skills and relaxation techniques to manage stress and achieve the life you dream

  • gain a new perspective and be inspired

  • take actions to achieve your goals

  • challenge your outdated thinking

  • develop accountability for permanent and positive change


Coaching Sessions

You will partner with Rebecca to create action plans, explore obstacles, achieve results, and measure your progress. You will receive first hand results of Rebecca's coaching approach.


The Private Coaching Program is a customized program based on your specific goals, topics may include:


Rebecca offers a variety of modalities and approaches to assist with your life coaching goals: 

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) coaching, a mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral approach to identifying values and action steps with an emphasis on awareness, emotion regulation, and getting unstuck 

  • Compassion-based Coaching

  • Traditional/Classic Goal Achievement Coaching 

  • Life Planning

  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction 

  • Guided Meditation and Relaxation




"Through working with Rebecca, I have more clearly defined what I enjoy in life and what I want to get out of life...Rebecca then helped me define manageable action steps to get from point A to point B with accountability that helped me break the complicated wishes and desires into tangible steps for which I could take immediate action. The profound take away I had was to sit down and look at different facets of my life to identify my core values. I accomplished this through focus and by becoming more mindful of my feelings and emotions.  During each of our conversations, Rebecca demonstrated a true sense of genuineness. Her no judgment approach encouraged me to dream big. And with big dreams have come new and exciting opportunities.  My confidence has soared and my jovial, fun, and charismatic  personality emerged — I have became more of the me I want to be."

-J. Kenney



​​"Thank you Rebecca for showing me a different perspective ...Your professional coaching has been very inspiring and beneficial to me. It can also be to those who welcome a change in their lives ...Your skills and knowledge was the trump card I needed to move forward in a more precise direction and it has enhanced my life. Thank you again.​"

-A. Flores






"Rebecca is truly objective and best intentioned in bringing out one's true journey or nature in life."

-Trish Kelly Belock



"Rebecca's coaching is straightforward and illuminating--she can discern one's strengths and weakness and propose just the right regimen to improve one's relationship with oneself and the world in which he or she interacts. I wholeheartedly endorse her work as a life coach."

-Ronald L.​​ ​



"You are amazing. I am amazed at your commitment to me. I have to truly say, no one has done so much for me. I am grateful to you."







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