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Worksite Wellness Days

Reward Your Team!

Be the leader who shows you care. Show the people who work hard for you and your organization each and every day that you appreciate all that they do.This exclusive program is for those leaders and organizations who understand that building a successful team means providing team members with growth opportunities to rejuvinate their resolve so that they hit the ground running with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Worksite Wellness Days are available for qualified clients.


During Worksite Wellness Days, Rebecca taps into her unique experience as a supervisor and Worksite Wellness leader to develop upbeat and proactive employee appreciation programs. Rebecca meets with your team to faciliate a personal and professional growth workshop on a topic of your choosing: 

  • personal growth

  • mindfulness and relaxation

  • expressive art

  • enlightened leadership


Rebecca may be available to travel for your workshop to New York, Washington DC, Boston, Austin, San Francisco, London, Paris, Sydney, Brussels, or Tokyo. Additional fees apply for travel.


To discuss worksite wellness workshops and begin the interview process, please contact us at



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