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A Mindful Approach to Coaching

by Rebecca Cooley

Coaching Perspectives III is an excellent resource for coaches and those interested in coaching services.  The book highlights various perspectives and approaches to coaching and provides insight into how coaches across the country help their clients achieve results.  One approach discussed in the chapter "A Mindful Approach to Coaching" by Rebecca Cooley CEO/Founder of Catalyst Action Coaching LLC, gives details about the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into the coaching partnership.  Mindful coaching, according to Cooley, provides a framework not only for the coach's interaction with the client but also for the client to develop an awareness of thoughts, feelings, values, and behaviors that are standing in the way of success.  Once the client has developed this awareness, they are able to choose helpful actions that move them toward their goals with clarity and confidence.  Learn more about how a mindful approach to coaching can help raise your awareness of the profound significance of living in the moment, and how it can radically transform your life for the better.  


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