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Employee Retention Programs

Rebecca Cooley is a results-focused Certified Master Coach has direct experience overseeing, developing and advising successful Employee Retention programs, including Worksite Wellness Programs, Employee Appreciation Programs, and Training Programs. She will meet with you and your team through via phone or on-site to help you establish your program goals, evaluate your current program, provide feedback and suggestions, explore obstacles, and assist with the development of your worksite wellness program.


The Employee Retention Program curriculum includes step-by-step instruction on:


  • developing your strategic plan for your Worksite Wellness Program,

  • establishing a Leadership Committee,

  • holding monthly meetings,

  • promoting your program,

  • establishing partnerships with community organizations if applicable,

  • measuring your program's progress,

  • creating employee interest or employee satisfaction surveys,

  • event planning on a tight budget,

  • gaining support from managers and participation from staff

  • Worksite Wellness Programs

  • Employee Appreciation Programs

  • Cross-training Programs (tapping into the resources you already have) 



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