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Get an Idea of What Executive Coaching with Master Coach Rebecca Cooley
Could Cost

We’re proud of our pricing, and we’re happy to share it.


Thank you for submitting your inquiry for our pricing!

You will receive an email and text from us shortly with details about getting your personalized quote. We look forward to connecting with you soon! 

Executive Coach Rebecca Cooley began offering her services with the option for partial deferred payment plans for individuals in financial need after the pandemic as her way of helping her community and making her executive coaching services accessible to all.


How is works:

  • We provide a program amount based on the number of goals you want to accomplish. To assist those in financial need, we offer a deferred payment option for part of the amount to assist individuals in financial need. 

  • Rebecca offers Executive Coaching Programs in durations of 3-months, 5-months, or 6-months depending on the number of goals you want to achieve.

  • Rebecca also offers VIP Days on location or online for Executives and Teams, including workshops and classes. 

  • The Self-paced Independent Study option is also available for the areas of 

    • Public Speaking ​

    • Authentic Communication 

    • Leadership Communication 

    • Connecting with Your Interviewers

    • Career Change

  • Payment plans are available for most programs.

Be on the lookout for your invitation for a free 15-minute Power Consultation with Master Coach Rebecca Cooley! During the free consultation, Rebecca will assess your goals to provide you with a personalized quote. As our gift to you, you will also receive a custom strategy to achieve your specific goals! Talk soon!

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