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Catalyst Business Mentoring

and Entrepreneurial Training

Are you ready to make your dream of starting your business a reality? 


Are you wondering "what's next"?


Gain inside and behind-the-scenes information that will bring clarity to the process of making your dream of starting your business a reality. Catalyst Business Mentoring and Entrepreneurial Training provides the answers and helps you navigate your way to establishing and operating your business.


Through a combined coaching/consulting approach, Rebecca Cooley, Certified Master Coach, Founder/CEO of Catalyst Action Coaching, and entrepreneur provides an intensive and immersive behind-the-scenes training for coaches. Rebecca will be your mentor while you establish and grow your business.


Learn the next steps.

Gain insights and clarity.

Receive guidance.

See results.





As a Catalyst Immersion Partner, you receive:



Business Mentoring Sessions 

Receive one-on-one support and guidance from your business mentor. Partner with Rebecca to ask your questions, discuss ways to overcome challenges you're facing with your business, create action plans, achieve results, and measure your progress. Sessions include lessons, insider tips to help clarify the logistics of starting your business. See topics below. 



Individual Coaching Sessions 

Partner with Rebecca to overcome any internal obstacles to starting your own business, including self-doubt, fear, or outdated beliefs. As your coach, Rebecca will challenge and encourage you to fulfill your potential.  



Leadership Communication Feedback Sessions 

Practice your leadership approach one-on-one with Rebecca and receive expert feedback, suggestions, and tips to help you develop your signature leadership style.


Expert Feedback

Develop and Receive Feedback on your Sales Pitch 

Develop your sales pitch and deliver to Rebecca in person, or by Skype. Receive Rebecca's expert feedback, and suggestions for improvement from her 10+ years of experience as a public speaking coach and instructor. 



Accountability E-mails from Rebecca

Receive e-mails from Rebecca providing accountability and motivation as you reach new levels of success in establishing your business.



Monthly Accountability Logs

Complete and submit monthly accountability logs to keep you on track with your business goals.  







Catalyst Business Mentoring and Entrepreneurial Training is a customized business mentoring program based on your specific goals. Topics may include: 

  • Identifying Your Niche and Services

  • Marketing Your Services

  • Public speaking and developing your sales pitch

  • Selling your service

  • Client Relations: How to Identify, Attract, and Reach your Clients

  • Pricing Your Services

  • Enhancing Your Website

  • Developing Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Guidance on Process Development  








"When asked “what stands out about the entire [Business Mentoring for Professional Coaches] program?” My answer is “All of it” everything was just so good. I got clients and coached them. I made progress and I took risks. I learned how to figure out my target market. I have confidence in what I know now in my heart of hearts are my niches. I learned how to present my values presentation. I learned that as long as I am moving toward my goal, it doesn't matter how small the steps are.

The Life Coaching Sessions: They actually gave me a chance to experience what I'm selling. So, I can really see things from a client perspective.

The Business Mentoring: Perspective was always on time and just what I needed to get me over the hump. When I was like “this is too much”, so much to do all the time, you were there to give me that kick I needed. The things I had concerns about you helped break them down into doable pieces. It was like me having a math problem that I had no idea how to do and you gave me the steps to get to the answer but not the answer. Which I loved, because I like to figure out things. Even if you had given me the answer I would still have asked you how you got there.

The Workshops: Love them! They answered my questions and made me think about some things I needed and didn't know. Also, they gave me the steps I needed to conquer an area in my business.

The Coach / Mentor: I absolutely adore you! If we weren't in a business relationship I could see us hanging out and having a good time. You always made me feel comfortable, never looked at me strange when I was trying to figure out what I was trying to communicate. I feel we always had a mutual respect for each other’s practices. Which felt good. I could totally be myself without any apologies around you. In your own words "You are awesome"!

Guess what? I will pick one thing that stands out most about the program: YOU! You made it all worthwhile. Anyone could have coached me, gave me the workshops. However, I believe because you have been where I am you wanted to make sure I got everything you wished someone had given to you."

-N. Robinson





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