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Brave Humans Accepting Self & Ready to Feel Their Feelings (Series of Six Meetings starts Nov. 3

This series of group meetings is intended for those who are ready to stop running and ready to start feeling. What does it mean to stop running? It means we are ready to turn and face the feelings instead of going to our instinctive response of escaping from them through work, busyness, food, drink, and all our other ways of avoiding. We know that path, we know where it leads. By avoiding emotion, we avoid life, we avoid ourselves. If you are ready to stop avoiding and start living, you are not alone. This group will be a support system to help you in your “baby” steps to living a mindful and aware life, one that is not numbed by avoidance and resistance, one in which you experience fully, one in which you are truly living.Each meeting will be dedicated to various topics around experiencing emotion, facing the behaviors and actions we take to avoid and resist, developing new ways to face the pain in our lives, exploring news ways to be with ourselves. Topics may include: self-acceptance, self-compassion, acceptance and commitment, expressive art.

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