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Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?

We learn so much from our experiences and life situations. In fact the lessons are non-stop from the beginning to the end. Many times we are tuned in and can hear the message loud and clear. We have take-aways from challenging situations and we grow. There are times; however, that the lesson eludes us and we do not learn for a very long time. At times, the lesson is hidden by our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about the situation. We are unwilling or unable to see what we can learn from the situations. In these cases, we may repeat the same situation or "mistake" until we become aware of our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and how they help or hinder our ability to grow and learn. Once we are aware of what's getting in the way of our growth, we then are able to take positive action which will result in circustances and decisions that are better for us and more in line with what we want for ourselves and our lives.

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