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3 Tips for Effective Leadership

Creating a positive workplace can be achieved by effective leaders who cultivate an environment of respect. An effective leader practices effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills, models desired behavior, and is always improving.

Three tips for effective leadership:

1. Communicate Often- When an employee comes to you with a question, concern, or feedback, it is an opportunity to build rapport and trust with that employee. It is your chance to show them that you value their input and their work. Listen closely without distraction to what the employee is saying, repeat back what they are saying to show that you understand, and respond with respect. Show each and every employee that you value their feedback. Regular communication with your employees is key to a successful working relationship. If there is an opportunity to share information with your employees or lead a discussion or brainstorming session- take it.

2. Walk the Walk- Demonstrate respect in all of your interactions with employees, colleagues, and your managers. Show you are a teamplayer. Show that you refrain from workplace gossip. Show that you are a hard-worker, productive and focused on organizational goals. You may not think your employees are watching but they are. Remain professional at all times and if you falter, acknowledge your mistake immediately and apologize.

3. Grow as a Leader- Know that it's not about perfection but about growth. Stay open and flexible to the fact that you do not have all of the answers and you will make mistakes. Make necessary changes that help you be the best leader possible. Continue to grow and keep an open-mind. Your openness to growth and improvement can also inspire your employees to grow.

​Author: Rebecca Cooley

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