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Public Speaking and Presentation Training

Communication & Public Speaking Training Program

From small business owners and sales representatives, attorneys to community leaders, those who get queasy at the thought of standing in front of an audience and those interested in honing their presentation skills, Rebecca's coaching/consulting approach to public speaking training will help you develop the skills you need. Rebecca Cooley is a results-focused Certified Master Coach with over 10 years of experience in giving and evaluating presentations. She will meet with you in peson or by Skype to establish your public speaking and communication goals, listen to your presentation or mock interpersonal conversations, provide feedback and suggestions on technique, explore ways to reach your speaking goals, and regularly measure your progress.




Enhance your public speaking and communication skills.

Speak with confidence.

Learn key techniques to manage public speaking anxiety.

Connect authentically with your audience.

As a Catalyst Partner, you receive:


Public Speaking Training Sessions

An individualized program will be developed for you based on your communication or public speaking goals. Rebecca will guide you through customized lessons and assignments to enhance your speaking abilities and develop your presentation.  She will also provide intrinsic coaching on confidence and reducing speaking anxiety. Practice your presentation with Rebecca and receive expert feedback, suggestions, and tips to help you deliver your presentation.


Encouragemment Your Speech Coach 

Receive encouragement and guidance from your Speech Coach prior to a presentation. 


Accountability from Rebecca

Receive accountability from Rebecca to help you stay on track with your communication goals. 



The Communication and Public Speaking Coaching/Training Program is a customized program based on your specific speaking goals, topics may include:

  • Proven Relaxation Techniques to Manage Speaking Anxiety

  • Preparing and Organizing Your Speech

  • Speaking with Clarity and Confidence

  • Reducing Mental Noise while Presenting

  • Help with Preparing and Practicing Your Introduction and Lead-in

  • Persuasive Presentations

  • Developing and Incorporating Anecdotes and Stories into Your Presentation

  • Audience Analysis

  • Tailoring Your Message to Your Audience 

  • Connecting with Your Audience

  • Feeling and Appearing Comfortable while Presenting

  • Get and Keep Your Audience's Attention

  • Effectively Practicing your Presentation

  • Techniques to Effectively Think on the Spot and Smoothly and Succinctly Answering Questions from the Press or Audience

  • Delivering Your Presentation





"I first hired Rebecca to help me present my services to potential customers in 2009, and was very impressed with her knowledge and experience in public speaking. She was very personable and detail observant, and it was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend Rebecca as a public speaking coach."

​-Mary Chen, President, Chen Language Services



"I definitely found the Speak Easy workshop to be helpful in many ways. I really appreciated your vulnerability in sharing your personal story... I think you really were able to get me to have a shift in thinking when it comes to public speaking--which I think is critical, before even beginning to practice specific techniques and strategies. The content of the talk and also the way you facilitated the discussion with those of us in the audience helped me to have many "aha" moments. I saw, for example, how fear (once again) can get in the way of important things we want to pursue...seems like it is always at the source. Thank you very much!!"




​​​"I spent several sessions with Rebecca to prepare. Her guidance, insights, and recommendations made all the difference. Her coaching is straightforward and illuminating--she can discern one's strengths and weakness and propose just the right regimen."

-Ronald L.



​​ ​"I am feeling a lot more comfortable with public speaking. Thanks so much for all that you have done. It has really been helpful."




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